Draft Minutes February 2021

The Parish Council of Newton Upon Rawcliffe and Stape
Draft Minutes of ordinary meeting (Zoom)
Thursday 25th February 2021
7.00pm No public/press present.
Chairman Ian Parkin IP welcomed Councillors ;-
Grant Nersessian GN, Jane Hemingway JH, David Hall DH, Ian Clough IC, Steven Jackson SJ.
In the absence of Clerk. JH volunteered to take the minutes and be the Responsible Person.
All Councillors agreed unanimously.
7.10pm Agenda Items
Number Agenda Item Action
1 None
2 Non None
3 Minutes of meeting 17th December 2020 recap None
4 No matters arising not covered by agenda None
5 Acceptance of minutes IP proposed, DH seconded
Agreed unanimous None


Current balance in account £10591.69
Paid out since last meeting; Mr Dowson for Stape verges £540. Water for cemetery £8.87
Invoice still not received from Mr Barraclough for Cemetery graves etc.
JH explained Precept application by letter to RDC.
Written confirmation of RDC contribution to Newton grass cutting still not received.

Yorkshire Bank in Malton is to close next week.
Nearest alternative will be Scarborough or York.

YLCA may be able to advise.

JH to contact RDC for confirmation of Precept and grass cutting

JH to visit Bank on 1st March to discuss alternative options and feed back to Council.

04/21 Planning applications are still not being received by the parish Council. Notices are displayed currently in Newton for Commercial barn replacements, House extensions x2, replacement windows .

DH has replied on the planning website with regard to the barn replacements. JH to contact NYM and RDC again with request that all planning and other information be sent to JH

05/21 Discussion with Mr Barraclough re soil taking space up on North West corner of cemetery.
If the soil is removed there will be space for additional graves on Chapel side”

Condition of gate and posts discussed
G N may speak to local supplier if metal posts are required. For discussion with Cemetery group at later date.

IC to view requirements wood v metal and feedback to Council


07/21 Correspondence from YLCA forwarded to Councillors as appropriate.
Email received with regard to Village de fib machine funding
Letter from concerned Newton resident was read out with regard to tree loping , verge mowing and opening up of Back Lane which may have a detrimental effect on wildlife ,and flora.
Discussion followed with regard to activity.
IC stated that ivy removal was vital to protect the wellbeing of the trees and some residents had been planting trees to replace natural losses.
Concern also discussed in relation to damage to hedgerows / bushes towards the North end of Back Lane. Ownership and responsibilities need to be ascertained from NYMP
Emails received from Councillors SJ and IC with regard to excellent work undertaken by the Contractors on behalf of the Yorkshire Water in Stape
JH has now accessed the Parish Website and has brought it upto date with regard to minutes , AGAR etc. JH continue to forward relevant information to Councillors

JH to forward letter onto Mr Smith at NYMP.

Letter requesting clarification to be sent to Mr Smith.

See point ten below

08/21 Discussion regarding the recent road closures in Stape. Excellent feedback from Councillors and residents with regard to work undertaken, much in atrocious conditions. Many thanks to the staff and the contractors for their sterling work.

JH to send letter of thanks and appreciation to Mr Mark Allsop
Yorkshire Water
AOB Action plan for 2021 To be tabled at next meeting
Annual Meeting and Council elections To be tabled at next meeting
Dates for meetings 2021
Subject to Covid changes To be tabled at next meeting
Provision and timing of Salt in Stape As above
AOB to be sent to Chairman prior to next meeting

Meeting closed 8.10.

Date of next ordinary meeting TBC

Chairman confirmed content sign……………………………………………………..

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Road Closures

Mr Jackson

Good evening.

Thank you for your email and raising your concerns regarding the planned road closure.

I will raise this with our partners NMCN who have been liaising with North Yorkshire County Council highways regarding the planned work.

It will be Monday next week before I can speak with them but I wi get back in contact with you as soon as I have an update.

Kind regards

I’ve spoken to NMCN.


They are going to allow as much access as possible for residents and if they need any deliveries.


During working hours if locals could call the site manager, Geoff on 07540 124891, to make him aware if anyone wishes to pass through so that they can pull back the works to allow access. There may be occasions locals may need to wait a few moments but they will be as quick as they can.


Out of working hours the team will pull the works back.


There will be signage saying the road is closed but access will still be available for local Stape customers. Through traffic will have to follow the diversion route.



I hope this is satisfactory.


I’ll try and get our post room to get some letters out to local customers today.


If you have any questions or concerns please do contact me.



Kind regards