Road Closures

Mr Jackson

Good evening.

Thank you for your email and raising your concerns regarding the planned road closure.

I will raise this with our partners NMCN who have been liaising with North Yorkshire County Council highways regarding the planned work.

It will be Monday next week before I can speak with them but I wi get back in contact with you as soon as I have an update.

Kind regards

I’ve spoken to NMCN.


They are going to allow as much access as possible for residents and if they need any deliveries.


During working hours if locals could call the site manager, Geoff on 07540 124891, to make him aware if anyone wishes to pass through so that they can pull back the works to allow access. There may be occasions locals may need to wait a few moments but they will be as quick as they can.


Out of working hours the team will pull the works back.


There will be signage saying the road is closed but access will still be available for local Stape customers. Through traffic will have to follow the diversion route.



I hope this is satisfactory.


I’ll try and get our post room to get some letters out to local customers today.


If you have any questions or concerns please do contact me.



Kind regards